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  1. Hermann Graf commission -Me 109 G6 1943
    08 Nov, 2018
    Hermann Graf commission -Me 109 G6 1943
    Hello again after quite a space of website inactivity over the last few months of 2018. I have had a number of projects and some lifestyle changes that have effected my updates so i do apologise . I will be more consistent again as we head into  the Xmas period as i have progressed on my Me 110 diorama as well as completing new artworks. I have had the exciting opportunity over the last few months to have begun doing commission art work for the Toy Soldier and replica model company 'King &
  2. The Tiger as it was photographed after the battle
    04 Apr, 2018
    THE LAST TIGER 1 - BERLIN MAY 1945 (part 1)
    The last Tiger in Berlin, Konigsplatz at the Brandenburg Gate - the 28th April - 1st May 1945 The Battle for Berlin is coming to a close after only 2weeks ; a rush for the city and the 'Citadel falls after 10 days. A single Tiger 1 remains operational next to the Reichstag until the last battle on the last night! Read on in my blog for the full story and the model build.
  3. BROKENEAGLES 5 :FW 190 D-9 - Further Digital work
    29 Nov, 2017
    BROKENEAGLES 5 :FW 190 D-9 - Further Digital work
    My last installment had us at this point where I had begun the digital detail and color using my WACOM  Cintique. The CANVAS was expanded to the right for additional new ground work and to add another FW 190 .  One of the first things I need to do before adding more color and detail, is use my textured blending brush to soften and 'blend in ' the canvas texture marks into the actual color . On scanning the oil painting at 600 DPI, the high resolution shows up the canvas texture more than the
    04 Sep, 2017
    The Brokeneagles series is all about capturing the drama and texture of a downed or abandoned aircraft. I do this rather than the 'standard fair' of painting planes in combat, because I love to paint and build damaged aircraft and expose the inner detail and workings, or the surface texture, to provide the centre piece for the drama and the interest for the enthusiast looking for something different. I lay down the basic subject with pencil on canvas and proceed to use a very basic oil palette
  5. This is my idea for the look of the plane in the diorama
    20 Nov, 2017
    Me 110C-7 - Stalingrad (Painting and Weathering the cockpit) PART 3
    WEATHERING AND PAINTING OF THE COCKPIT Progress has continued with a painstaking weathering of the cockpit. I have actually enjoyed the process, however cockpits are my 'nemesis' and have caused me to stall on aircraft builds in the past....but not this time! The next stage was to add the shadows and contrast to breath life into the base colors painted over the plastic. The ammunition boxes have recieved scratches and accumulated dirt but have been left in the cockpit - presumed empty. I
  6. Brokeneagles 4 finished painting
    18 Sep, 2017
    ME 109 G2 JG3 southern Russia summer 1942
    STALINGRADThis is Brokeneagles  No4, RETRIEVAL. This is now available as a Canvas print, as well as a satin poster print. The process I followed was a little different from my usual one, so I thought that I would share it with you. I have included some details below following a brief history of the G2 so follow me down the rabbit hole and keep reading. This painting is depicting a bellied -in Me 109 G2 that has had a forced landing in the Waborowna area in late summer or early Autumn 1942.
  7. Panther 121 photgraphed by the Russian weapons assessment squad in April 1945
    22 Jun, 2017
    The final offensive - Hungary 1945. Lake Balaton.
    The final offensive - Hungary 1945. Lake Balaton. Canvas print - created using 'old school' manual techniques on 'new school' tools. Availalable now in my store Standard size 80cm x 50cm Please follow this link to see more on the art print - scroll down to the bottom of the page after following the link.  Page 2 Military Art This Piece is set in Hungary in the Lake Balaton area in Feb 1945. German forces in the south Eastern sector of the front had lost their hold on the capital , Budapest,